Silveryak Boat products are the most simple effective cleaners available.

We only use top quality products made by  the famous K-WAX brand. This includes the Original K-WAX Carnauba Wax that is fully UV stable and lasts a season, and The K-WAX Shampoo and Wax which also contains Carnauba Wax.

We supply owners with Silveryak branded professional quality products, including Boat Wax, Boat Wash, Rib Cleaner, Shampoo and Canopy Cleaner. Click the `Buy now button below to visit our shop and see our marine range. Not only will you find the products better value for money than your local Chandlery but we sell many of our products in concentrates for you to dilute and use. We even offer free delivery.

All our products have been specifically designed for marine use.
They are environmentally safe, and we will not use any toxic or harmful chemicals.

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K-WAX are offical sponsors of the Jasaral motorcycle race team


A local reliable company run by boat owners, based Medway, Kent